Hold the Stuffing

Celebrate health and wellness this holiday season with Health Plus Hold the Stuffing! Choose from 2 options (or choose both) depending on your health and wellness goals. With both options you could win PRIZES!

Option One - Weight Maintenance during the Holidays

How it Works: Submit an initial weigh-in prior to Thanksgiving (November 10th-24th). Participants will also receive a Wellness Bingo Card to celebrate good health during the holidays (see Option Two below)! After the New Year, submit a final weigh-in (January 3rd-14th). 

Earn Rewards: Maintain your weight (gain no more than 2 pounds) to be entered into a prize drawing. 2 Grand prize winners and 20 Runner-up prize winners will be chosen from those who meet the program goal. 

Prize Drawing: Those who meet the goal will be entered into a prize drawing:
2 Grand Prize winners will receive an Amazon eGift card for $150
20 Runner-up winners will receive an Amazon eGift card for $25

How to submit your weigh-ins:

Self Report: If you have access to a scale, you can securely submit your weight with Redcap.

In person: Visit one of our in-person locations listed below, dates and times are subject to change.

  • Nov 10 Sarratt Student Center room 114: 8am-12pm
  • Nov 11 One Hundred Oaks room 26103: 11am-1pm
  • Nov 12 MCJCHV Board Room: 9-11am
  • Nov 15 Health Plus, Vanderbilt Recreation & Wellness Center room 127: 2-4pm (Make a weigh-in appointment at Health Plus for a different day or time here)
  • Nov 16 School of Nursing, Living Room: 8-10am
  • Nov 16 Light Hall North Lobby: 11am-1pm
  • Nov 17 Law School, Bass Berry Sims room: 9:30-10:30am
  • Nov 17 MCJCHV room 2104: 2:30-4:30pmCancelled due to Joint Commission
  • Nov 18 Light Hall North Lobby: 9am-12pm
  • Nov 19 Sarratt Student Center room 114: 8am-12pm
  • Nov 22 Health Plus, Vanderbilt Recreation & Wellness Center room 127: 2-4pm (Make a weigh-in appointment at Health Plus for a different day or time here)
  • Nov 23 One Hundred Oaks room 26013: 11am-1pm
  • Nov 24 Light Hall North Lobby: 11am-1pm

Hold the Stuffing Comes to You: Contact Health Plus to schedule a weigh-in for your department. Vanderbilt locations with a weight scale can receive a Hold the Stuffing toolkit for your department to stay connected to the fun. For more information email Health Plus at health.plus@vumc.org or call 615-343-8943.

Weigh with Higi: Use a weight measurement taken at any Higi station (on or off campus) to weigh in for Hold the Stuffing! Just follow these 3 steps:

  1. Log in to the Health & Wellness Information Portal to connect your Higi account
    • Click on "Connect to Higi"
    • Follow instructions to allow Higi to send Health Plus your weight and blood pressure. If you are a new Higi user, you will need to create a Higi account.
  2. Weigh in at a Higi station between November 10th-24th and again January 3rd-14th. Higi stations on campus located inside Courtyard Café and Sarratt Student Center. 
  3. Confirm you want your Higi weight measurements included Hold the Stuffing.

Option Two - Play Health Plus Wellness Bingo over the Holidays

Engage in daily healthy activities over the Holidays! Participants will track their healthy activities on a BINGO card by crossing out squares for each activity completed for a chance to earn prizes. Play by yourself, or engage with co-workers, family, and friends to stay healthy over the holidays!

Register and download your Health Plus Wellness Bingo card to join the fun!

How to Play:

  • Choose between 24 activities to improve health and wellness over the holiday season
  • Type an “X” on the line of each activity completed 
    • The Health Plus logo in the center is a free activity square
    • Follow the links provided for activities to complete when applicable
    • Remember to save your progress after each activity completed

How to win:

  • Complete 5 in-a-row for BINGO to gain 1 prize drawing entry, and/or
  • Complete 15 out of 25 activity squares total to gain 1 prize drawing entry
    • Up to 2 prize drawing entries can be earned
  • Attach and email completed card to health.plus@vumc.org
  • Deadline to submit is January 14
  • 25 winners drawn will receive an Amazon eGift Card!
    • Only faculty, staff, and postdocs at VU and VUMC are eligible to win