Ten Tips For Improving Relationships

The quality of the significant relationships in our lives is the standard by which overall life happiness can often be measured. Any enduring patterns of behavior that either undermine these relationships, diminish the parties involved, or result in ongoing conflict and avoidance can be at the core of relationship difficulties. To change the tide from a stressful to an enriching relationship, it is important to know what patterns of behavior one might adopt that may promote relationship health.

Ten Tips for Improving Relationships:

  1. Listen in order to understand the other person’s perspective.
  2. Communicate what you think and feel in ways other people can hear. Avoid language that makes other people responsible for your feelings or attacks the other party.
  3. Comment on the positive. Be generous with compliments.
  4. Show appreciation. Social graces are not just for strangers.
  5. Learn the fine art of compromise.
  6. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  7. Make time to share activities and interests.
  8. Get good at forgiveness.
  9. Share the work as well as the fun.
  10. Keep expectations realistic.

Keywords: Marriage, Relationship, Communication