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Log in to the Health Plus Health Guide and log activity using "Track" to earn rewards.

Physical activity is part of a healthy lifestyle. The CDC recommends that adults get 150 minutes of physical activity per week. The START! Physical Activity tracker helps you track your activity and encourages you to live an active lifestyle.

The tracker is easy to use. Log your physical activity daily or weekly. Figure out what works best for you and then commit to logging activity on a regular basis.

You can enter steps or active minutes in the tracker. Activities like swimming, walking, and team sports are all part of living an active lifestyle.

Additional features of the tracker:

  • Sync fitness wearables and apps (Fitbit, Garmin, MapMyFitness, and more!)
  • Earn Points for activities entered including pedometer steps
  • Rate the intensity of your activity

Ready to get Started?

  1. Log in to the Health Plus Health Guide.
  2. Enter your VUnetID and ePassword.
  3. Review and accept the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Honor Code.

To Log Activity:

  1. Click on "TRACK IT" in the Start! Physical Activity Program box.
  2. Click on "GET ACTIVE" to select activity, or search for activity in the search box.
  3. To log activity: select the activity from the list (pick the option that best represents your activity​), enter day(s), duration, distance and/or steps and indicate intensity level.
  4. To log steps/pedometer total: select Steps and enter step total.

Note: Activity can be entered up to 30 days prior.

Sync Fitness Device/App:

In the top left-hand corner of any screen - click on "Sync Device"

  • Click on "Connect" next your app/device name.
  • Log in to your app/device account.
  • Data will sync beginning when you connect your app/device account; previous data will not sync.

Note: View directions for syncing iWatch, iPhone, and iHealth.

2020 Quarterly Prize Drawings:

Track activity or sync wearable fitness devices/apps and be entered for quarterly prize drawings.

Quarter 1 (January 1 - March 31)

Quarter 2 (April 1 - June 30)

Quarter 3 (July 1 - September 30)

Quarter 4 (October 1 - December 31)

The more activity you log the more entries you get!

  • Earn 1 raffle entry for 300 points
  • Earn 1 additional entry at 600 points
  • Earn 1 additional entry at 900 points

*Maximum 3 raffle entries per day

Activity/Point Examples

  • 30 minutes (moderate intensity) walking or other activity = 300 points
  • 30 minutes (vigorous intensity) walking or other activity = 600 points
  • 10,000 steps (moderate intensity) = 1000 points

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