Health Plus

Participate in programs to measure blood pressure, weight, and body mass index. These numbers can be used on your yearly Health Assessment and Wellness Actions Log for the Go for the Gold program. It's a convenient way to track your changes.

Where can I participate in Know Your Numbers?

In-person Evening Options:

  • September 30 5pm-9:30pm Courtyard Cafe
  • October 9 5pm-9:30pm Courtyard Cafe
  • October 14 5pm-9:30pm Courtyard Cafe
  • October 23 5pm-9:30pm Courtyard Cafe
  • October 28 5pm-9:30pm Courtyard Cafe

In-person Appointment-Only options:

  • September 30 11am-1pm MCJCHV, Children's Theater Sign up now
  • October 8 11am-1pm One Hundred Oaks, Room 26119 Sign up now
  • Contact Health Plus to schedule a screening for your department!

A Vanderbilt ID is required to participate.

Digital options:

  • Upload Biometric Measurements - You can now submit official measurements of height, weight, and blood pressure from your Primary Care Provider to Health Plus. These measurements will be available for credit for the "Know Your Blood Pressure & Weight" action of the Wellness Actions Log for Go for the Gold. Please be sure to upload records by October 31, 2020 to meet this requirement for the Wellness Actions Log.
  • Check Weight and Blood Pressure with Higi Machines on campus and across the country. Sync your Higi account to send measurements to Health Plus. Learn More.
  • Using these digital options automatically enters you into a monthly prize drawing!

You can view your Know Your Numbers measurements, as well as your participation history in Health Plus activities, in the Health and Wellness Information Portal.

Keywords: Blood Pressure, Biometrics, Weight, Body Fat