COVID 19 Clinical Post-Exposure Monitoring: Detailed Process

​The specific process for post-exposure monitoring for those who have cared for or otherwise had direct contact with a patient diagnosed with COVID 19 includes the following process:

Occupational Health will be notified of the presence of a patient with diagnosed COVID 19 infection. This circumstance follows the same notification process in place for all other infectious exposure notifications, such as TB, varicella, or pertussis. 

Occuptional Health will notify exposed individuals via email of the need to self-monitor, and will provide in that email the link to the REDCap post-exposure survey enrollment form.  **Please note: given the unique aspects of the COVID-19 post-exposure monitoring process, units and clinics should keep track of employees with contact with any suspected case (any patient who was tested) so that should the test come back positive, those employees who need monitoring can be identified.  Daily logging of employees  (name, DOB, email) caring for or otherwise coming in close contact with  a hospitalized COVID-19 patient will be necessary to ensure identification of all those needing monitoring.  

  • Upon receiving this email, individuals should complete the enrollment survey and submit it.
  • Upon completion of the post-exposure enrollment form, individuals will receive daily REDCap symptom monitoring surveys. These surveys should be completed upon receipt each day and submitted to OHC.
  • Please note that monitoring will require a thermometer; individuals should ensure access to a thermometer.
    • Follow any instructions on the surveys; instructions will be tailored to the specific answers provided.
  • Monitoring will continue for 14 days from the date of exposure. If an individual cares for a patient beyond the initial exposure date listed on the enrollment form, they will be instructed via their REDCap end-of-monitoring-period survey to resubmit a new enrollment form with the most recent exposure date (link will be provided). TThis will ensure the monitoring period is inclusive of the entire appropriate date range.
  • Individuals who are close household contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases will be asked to stay home for 14 days. Other exposures will be assessed and instructed on the need to wear a mask at all times based on level of risk. Anyone who is currently in the monitoring process who develops a new cough or shortness of breath or fever should notify your supervisor, leave work, and report to an assessment site to be evaluated. 

PLEASE NOTE: IT IS IMPORTANT THAT ALL SURVEYS RECEIVED BE COMPLETED AND RETURNED TO OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH.  If you are having trouble accessing the surveys electronically, please let us know. 

Individuals with questions about the need to self-monitor should contact the Occupational Health Clinic.

last updated 3-18-20