Health Plus
July 7, 2015

hphigi_color_logo.jpgUnderstanding and tracking weight and blood pressure is an important part of wellness. A record of readings taken over time can provide you and your healthcare provider a clearer picture of your numbers. It can be like a time-lapse picture or movie, providing information on what is happening with your numbers over time.

Faculty and staff can now check blood pressure and weight with Higi machines – making staying on top of your health numbers convenient, simple, fun and rewarding!

Vanderbilt has 2 Higi stations on campus. They can be found at the Courtyard Café and Sarratt Student Center (across from the Last Drop Coffee Shop).

Higi machines can also be found across the US. Use the higi locator to find a station near you! 

NEW! You can now send Higi measurements to Health Plus

  • Log in to the Health & Wellness Information Portal.
  • Click on "Connect to Higi"
  • Follow instructions to allow Higi to send Health Plus your weight and blood pressure
    • If you are a new Higi user, you will need to create a Higi Account

Measurements from Higi Account connected to HWIP will count towards the biometric measurement action in Go for the Gold Step 2 Wellness Actions Log.