Health Plus
September 29, 2011


Health Plus offers Babies & You, a work site prenatal health promotion program for faculty/staff, spouses, and/or dependent children who become pregnant. The program encourages early and consistent prenatal care and provides monthly educational opportunities including topics like breastfeeding, nutrition, coping with the discomforts of pregnancy, newborn care, choosing a pediatrician, and more. These sessions are led by Vanderbilt experts: nurse midwives, pediatricians, lactation consultants, etc. 

Babies & You Incentive

$50 is offered to eligible participants who:

  • Enroll in the first trimester
  • Attend at least 3 of the monthly classes
  • Provide documentation of attending all prenatal provider visits.

Are you past the first trimester? Feel free to attend the monthly classes!

Upcoming Babies & You classes:

All classes are held 12pm - 1pm

January 16
Coping with the Stresses and Emotions of Pregnancy 
Stephanie Dean, LPC, CEAP, Assistant Manager Work/Life Connections
Location: 208 Light Hall

February 20
Breastfeeding: A Positive Choice
Carol Huber, RN, BS, IBCLC, Lactation Consultant, NICU
Location: 407 Light Hall

March 19
Postpartum Care
Kameron Brainard, MSN, Certified Nurse Midwife
Location: 407 Light Hall

April 16
Preparing for Labor and Birth
Amanda Perry, MSN, Certified Nurse Midwife
Location: 407 Light Hall

If you have further questions, please contact Lisa R. Connor, R.N. at 615-343-9623 or contact Health Plus.

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