2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19): Monitoring For Employees

The 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a virus that has emerged in Wuhan City (Hubei Province), China and has caused respiratory illness. It appears to have first started from exposure to animals at a seafood and animal market. The incubation period (time from exposure to development of symptoms) can be up to 14 days. Please see the Infection Prevention website for information on patient screening and a comprehensive list of FAQs at https://www.vumc.org/infectioncontrol/.

If you need to report a positive test that was performed at an outside facility, please upload the documention to this REDCap survey: Outside Test Upload

Travelers: Please check your entity website:

Faculty and Staff: For return-to-work guidance after being tested for COVID-19, please see the document titled "Staff Guidance for Exposure and Isolation COVID-19" on the employee-only section of the VUMC COVID-19 website at https://www.vumc.org/coronavirus/employee-only-information

We at Occupational Health have monitoring in place for VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER AND VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY employees who have:

  • Cared for a patient, or had close contact at work with a colleague with, COVID-19 These individuals will be contacted per our standard exposure investigation process once Infection Prevention notifies us of the exposure. You will receive a REDCap survey from Occupational Health to complete to provide information about when you cared for the patient and your best contact information, followed by daily symptom surveys. For more detailed information about the clinical post-exposure monitoring process, please see COVID 19 Clinical Post-Exposure Monitoring: Detailed Process.
  • Traveled or come in contact with a case at home or in the community (outside of the workplace exposure investigation process noted above). We would like these individuals to complete the self-report/self-monitoring survey at https://redcap.vanderbilt.edu/surveys/?s=J3JHDPD48C Once the initial survey is completed to provide the specifics of your travel (or other potential exposure), you will receive daily symptom surveys. (If you have a question about whether you need monitoring because of a patient you have encountered during your clinical work at VUMC, please contact us at 615-936-0955 and we can determine if monitoring is needed) **For individuals affiliated with the University, please see the VU COVID-19 website at https://emergency.vanderbilt.edu/vu/coronavirus/ for additional guidance.

If you are being monitored, please be sure to look for and submit the daily surveys. This will avoid additional outreach calls by OHC. The survey will request your temperature be taken and reported with each survey, so please be sure to have access to a thermometer.

If you have any questions, please contact the Occupational Health Clinic at 615-936-0955.

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