Connect CARE*CISM Debrief

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Services for the Vanderbilt community are provided through the Work/Life ConnectCARE*CISM Debriefing alternative using phone or ZOOM Telehealth videoconferencing, an encrypted and confidential platform. ConnectCARE*CISM Debriefing provides an effective timely response that honors social distancing recommendations.

Definition: A Critical Incident is "any event which has the potential to produce unusual or distressing emotional symptoms such as an accident, injury, serious illness or death of patients or colleagues, disasters that impact coping capacities, threats or acts of violence, or other traumatic events in the workplace."

Response: CISM facilitators respond to Critical Incidents/Traumatic Events which are impacting the Vanderbilt community. The facilitators have experience in psychological first aid using Critical Incident Stress Management techniques which are psychological interventions such as defusing, "de-griefing," debriefing, crisis management briefing and other forms of crisis intervention. When there is a critical incident event, our goal is to support our faculty and staff, fostering psychological resilience. Supportive interventions may also include facilitating partners from Pastoral Care and Ethics.

Protocol: To inquire about CISM Interventions, leaders and other faculty/staff can contact Work/Life Connections-EAP at 615-936-1327 or through