July 1, 2018

PI: Douglas Heimburger, M.D. and Marie Martin, Ph.D., M.Ed.

The Clayton-Dedonder Global Health Mentorship Fellows Program (CD) is a mentorship and training program awarded to the University of Zambia (UNZA) and its institutional partners. This fellowship will utilize and build upon the existing UNZA-Vanderbilt Partnership for HIV Nutrition-Metabolic Research Training (UVP) program by designing and implementing a Ph.D. mentoring program. The CD Fellowship will support intensive mentorship training to strengthen the UNZA Ph.D. Program under the UNZA College of Medicine to enhance its capacity to train future researchers. 

The intensive mentorship and leadership training program will both train junior faculty members and engage senior faculty members to hone their mentorship skills. Both senior and junior groups will comprise all Ph.D.-training disciplines at UNZA. Two core principles will guide this capacity building approach. First, senior UNZA faculty will lead the curriculum development process to facilitate context-appropriateness, ensure sustainability, enhance their knowledge, and hone their mentorship skills. Second, the IHI Collaborative Model will serve as a framework for curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation.

Overall, this program will support UNZA to establish and grow its Ph.D. mentor training program for the College of Medicine's four schools (Medicine, Public Health, Health Sciences, and Nursing), train 10 Clayton-Dedonder fellows in mentorship of UNZA Ph.D. students and use an iterative evaluation model to optimize the training program and integrate it as a required component of the UNZA Ph.D. Program.

The Clayton-Dedonder Global Health Mentorship Fellows Program is funded by Fogarty as part of its effort to strengthen HIV/AIDS research training in low- and middle-income countries. UNZA is one of six organizations to receive this funding.