January 1, 2018

Principal Investigator(s):
Troy Moon, M.D., M.P.H.

This Nutrition baseline assessment (cross-sectional survey) will generate baseline information on nutritional status of under-five children in targeted districts and within the wider provinces of Nampula and Zambezia in year one of the implementation of a multi-years EU programme. The surveys will also include indicators related to knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and practices and will generate findings on breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices, improved water access, hand-washing, hygiene, particularly related to the first 1,000 days, and sanitation practices. Additional areas of interest are knowledge, attitudes and practices related to a range of maternal and child health interventions and behaviors. These will inform progress towards UNICEF's country programme 2017-2021 plan. Results will serve as baseline information against which progress will be measured after 3 and 5 years. In addition survey results will be disseminated through workshop to the districts and provinces targeted. Results will also be used to develop policy briefs and district and provincial nutrition profiles which will be used for advocacy purposes with the aim of increasing awareness and leadership among provincial and districts level stakeholders in all relevant sectors. 

The nutrition program of UNICEF Mozambique will focus in Zambezia and Nampula, the two provinces with the highest burden of malnutrition and will specifically aim to contribute to the government five-year plan to reduce stunting among children under-five· to 35% by 2020 and achieve the six maternal, infant and young child nutrition targets of the World Health Assembly.