May 6, 2019

PI: Carolyn Audet, Ph.D.

Community I-STAR Mozambique: Community Implementation of SBIRT using Technology for Alcohol use Reduction in Mozambique
Hazardous drinking is a major public health burden worldwide with significant morbidity and mortality. Community I-STAR Mozambique will examine the implementation and effectiveness of two different strategies to train and supervise community health workers in Mozambique to sustainably provide community-based services to reduce hazardous drinking. The first strategy is Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment (SBIRT), which utilizes mobile health technology. The second strategy will involve traditional training and supervision. Working with the Research Foundation for Mental Hygeine, Dr. Audet is responsible for providing assistance in study design, implementation, and training for fellows. This study will leverage existing platforms and participation of policy makers ready to apply and sustain evidence-informed policies over time, and it will inform policy decision-making and clinical practice not only in Mozambique but also in many other low- and middle-income countries.