The The Vanderbilt Flow Cytometry Core offers training programs for Beginning and Advanced Flow Cytometry. These courses cover the hardware and software of our analytical instrumentation as well as the physics and electronics behind the instruments. It is our belief that greater understanding of the instruments and physics employed in our experiments will lead to dramatically improved data and experimental design. We are dedicated to assisting investigators to attain whatever their desired level of expertise. We also consider ourselves to be in a constant state of training and learning. No one knows everything about this technology and its myriad applications so if we are unfamiliar with your application we'll do our best to learn everything we can about its set-up and optimization.


This course will introduce new users to the hardware and software of the LSRII/Fortessa instruments. The user will be given a demonstration on setting up a multicolor experiment and using the automated compensation software. This course is not meant to provide total self sufficience immediately but rather to embrace the major concepts needed to begin. It is mandatory that after this training the user will plan and perform their next experiment with the assistance of Core personnel. After a newly trained user demonstrates the necessary proficiency under our staffs supervision they may be released to sign up without assistance, at our discretion only. We've found that most users only require a maximum of a few additional assisted appointments to gain the experience and comfort needed to not require assistance but each user is different. At anytime after completing the Basic Training course the user can seek guidance and assistance from Core personnel, just let us know how we can help you.

How to sign up

Please request training through the iLab application.

What to bring

You will only need to bring something to take notes on, and know the center number you would like to be billed for this training if you have not already supplied this. All samples and supplies will be supplied by the Core.