The Academy for Excellence in Clinical Medicine (AECM) was established to honor exemplary clinicians who combine humanism, professionalism, and a passion for patient care with a scholarly approach to improving patient health and who will establish a community of leaders to promote clinical excellence. This vision grew out of the Academy for Clinical Service Excellence and is endorsed by Vanderbilt University School of Medicine (VUSM) leadership. In addition to the honor of membership, elected members will play a large role in promoting clinical excellence and the art of medicine through professional development and mentoring. The Academy will be a transformative program for VUSM clinical faculty members. 

  • To be considered for the Academy, faculty members: 

    • Must be a faculty clinician in the School of Medicine
    • Must devote >50% effort to clinical care
    • Faculty clinicians who typically do not have patient contact are eligible (pathology, radiology, etc.)
    • Non-M.D. faculty clinicians are eligible if they meet other qualifications
    • Must be employed at VUMC for a minimum of 5 years at the time of call for nominations and an active member of the clinical faculty at the time of the award
    • Minimum 4.5 Star rating on Press Ganey patient evaluations
  • Nominations to the Academy will include the following items:

    • All clinical faculty will receive the request for nominations notice
    • For a nominee to move forward in the process, the faculty member must receive a minimum of three nominations.
    • The selection committee will be constituted with physician leaders from within the institution.
    • If a nominee moves forward, a rigorous review process will include a personal statement and letters from faculty, staff, learners, and patients and their families.

    Nominations are complete for 2021! 

  • Academy members will be expected to: 

    • Promote excellence through education of faculty and trainees
    • Promote excellence through mentoring of faculty and trainees
    • Plan and attend annual symposium on clinical excellence
    • Serve as selection committee members for future Academy cohorts
    • Attend Academy events and meetings