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Brenda Weedman

BrendaBrenda Weedman, MS, BSN, RN4
Certified Diabetes Educator 
Vanderbilt Eskind Adult Diabetes Clinic

Type of project (Research/Quality Improvement/Education): 
Insulin Pump and diabetes devices education and innovation

Title of project:
Diabetes Technology 

Description of project: 
Results of Insulin Pump User Survey (presented poster at Nursing Research poster session, Oct 2017), demonstrated a need for increased focus on patient education around use of insulin pumps.  This data was used as the basis for developing a group class for patients considering or using insulin pumps.  This monthly class offering began in November, 2017.  Since that time, I have developed a comprehensive ADA certified insulin pump education program which is nearing completion and may begin accepting participants referred by providers from both Vanderbilt and other regional facilities. 

At the request of Dr. Al Powers, I partnered with Jessica Kimber to put together the Vanderbilt Diabetes Technology Program web page, which went live in February, 2019.  It provides up to date information and resources to providers and patients in our region. 

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Personal diabetes innovation – In 2017, I attended a presentation at the AADE national conference by Dana Lewis on the OpenAPS patient-engineered hybrid closed loop insulin delivery system.  I was awestruck at the features and level of insulin delivery capability in such a relatively simple hardware package.  After spending a month reading and re-reading all of the OpenAPS documentation (, I built my own hybrid closed loop controller for my insulin pump.  I use this device every day and even though I’m fairly used to Type 1 diabetes after 35 years, this has been life changing. I’ve never had better sleep, fewer life interruptions from diabetes, or control that is this good from any other treatment regimen, even with my most diligent efforts.  

Why you chose this project:
It’s my passion to improve this area of care for persons with diabetes, and I believe automated insulin delivery technology is the best way to improve clinical outcomes and reduce disease burden for persons with diabetes.

Unlike other chronic diseases, diabetes is primarily self-managed.  Excellent glucose control requires 24/7 diligence, which can and does lead to patient discouragement and burn out when the desired results are not attained in an expected time frame.  For me personally, automated insulin delivery has been life-changing in terms of reducing the burden.  Type 1, and all types of diabetes, is a life-long marathon.  The more “weight” we can take off of the patient, the more strength they have to continue the race.

Co-authors involved in this publication: 
I co-presented DIY closed-loop insulin delivery systems at AADE with Jessica Kirk, RN CDE from Univ of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM. 

I will present this same topic in May, 2019 at NYU Winthrop Hospital with Andrea Castleberry, RN CDE from EnVision Endocrine Diabetes Education Center, Plano, TX

Presentation and publication as a result of this project (poster, podium or publications)
Title of poster/podium presentation/publication:  


“What’s New with Diabetes Tech and Devices?”, Tri-State Regional Association of Diabetes Educators, Bowling Green Medical Center, Bowling Green, KY, April 2019.

“You Built a What?!” An Introduction to Patient-Engineered (DIY) Automated Insulin Delivery Devices. Practical Diabetes Symposium, New York University Winthrop Hospital, Mineola, NY, May 2019.

“You Built a What?!” How to Prepare for Conversations about Do-It-Yourself Automated Insulin Delivery Systems, American Association of Diabetes Educators conference, August 2018.