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August 2012

Sondra Blount, BSN, RN
Registered Nurse 4-CC, VPNPP
10 North - Trauma

Type of project: Quality improvement on workplace safety
Title of project: Preventing Violence in the Healthcare Setting
Co-workers involved in project: The Workplace Violence Prevention Task Force 
Why you chose your project: I had a fellow employee assaulted in the workplace by a patient she was caring for and saw how this affected her life, and I wanted to prevent anything of this nature from occurring to any other hospital employee.

  • Violence in the healthcare setting is becoming more predominant throughout the country.
  • Staff should practice "Universal Behavior Precautions" just like the practice basic hand washing procedures.  Always think about what if the patient, visitor, or other employee becomes hostile - What is the best reaction and where is my closest exit.

 Presentation locations:
1.) Tennessee Nurses Association Convention - October 2011
2.) Vanderbilt Nurses Week Research Poster Session - May 2012
3.) The International Convention on Violence in the Health Sector - October 2012

If you have any questions regarding Sondra's project please email her at Sondra.Blount@Vanderbilt.Edu.