Mindy Pike, M.P.H.

Research Mentors: Cassianne Robinson-Cohen, Ph.D., M.S. and Loren Lipworth-Elliot, Sc.D.

Thesis Topic: Hypertension and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in an Early Adolescent Population of African Americans

I completed my undergraduate studies at Xavier University in 2016. During my time as an undergraduate, I interned at the Mayo Clinic in the Division of Epidemiology. In this position, I worked on projects relating to cardiovascular risk scores and Peripheral Artery Disease. My time at the Mayo Clinic led me to pursue an Master’s of Public Health in Epidemiology at Vanderbilt University. While completing my MPH degree, my research focused on evaluating the association between social support and quality of life in heart failure patients. My main research interests include cardiovascular disease, social factors in cardiovascular epidemiology, patient-reported outcomes, and chronic disease research. As I continue my education at Vanderbilt, I have the pleasure of working with Dr. Cassianne Robinson-Cohen and Dr. Loren Lipworth on heart failure, cardiovascular outcomes, and kidney disease.

Why Vanderbilt?
The reasons why I first chose Vanderbilt to pursue my Master’s of Public Health degree are the same reasons why I decided to stay and pursue a PhD education in Epidemiology. The most important is the emphasis on student development. The program focuses on supporting students academically and professionally and provides them with resources to be successful. Vanderbilt is very collaborative, and students are given opportunities to work with many people from different backgrounds. Another important reason is the opportunity to work with a research team from the first day. This allows students to apply and use their research in courses. Overall, Vanderbilt provides an environment that allows me to pursue my research interests, work with experienced mentors, and continue my training.