Jingjing Zhu, Ph.D.

With a very strong aptitude in quantitative methods, I went to the university of Minnesota to purse a master degree in Quantitative Methods in Education program. Besides a strong training in quantitative methodology in educational area, I obtained experience in population level health studies through collaboration with colleagues. I found research in this applied health studies is very interesting and attractive to me. They generated very important scientific knowledge for decreasing health burden from diseases for the general population. Besides, the process and outcome of scientific discovery is very exciting. I thus would like to pursue the research in population level sciences as my career.

Why Vanderbilt?
The division of epidemiology in Vanderbilt is one of the best places in United States for population level health research. Available faculties in the PhD program consists of nationally and internationally recognized leaders in areas of epidemiological studies of human chronic diseases. I am also attracted by the high collaborative culture here, which I think is the key for research success in epidemiology area. There are extraordinary resources for trainees including PhD students to maximally achieve their potential.

Personal Quote
"If you doubt yourself, then indeed you stand on shaky ground."  -Henrik Ibsen