The Modern Mobile Workforce - Part 4 of 4

Three ways VUMC is managing risk while respecting your privacy

We all want the convenience of accessing VUMC technology resources (email, calendars, eStar, and other mobile applications) on our personal mobile devices but acknowledge that this convenience comes with risks which must be addressed. To help manage and reduce these risks, VUMC is deploying Workspace One, a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution.

Whenever MDM is discussed, questions about personal privacy arise. To address these frequently asked questions, here are three things to help you understand VUMC's implementation of MDM for personal (Bring Your Own Device “BYOD”) devices.

MDM will only be used to manage VUMC data

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The purpose of MDM software is to protect VUMC's data from loss and theft. To do this, Airwatch will require encryption of your device and the use of a passcode to unlock the device.

Additionally, the MDM software creates a "container" on your device to store VUMC's data separate from your personal information. This allows your personal data, photos, text messages and applications to be kept separate from your work applications and data. 

If your device is lost or stolen, Airwatch allows VUMC to erase VUMC data - and only VUMC data - from your mobile device.

If you lose your phone and want to have it completely wiped, VUMC will not provide that service. You will need to use alternative solutions to wipe personal data from your personal phone or other devices, or contact your cellular carrier to have data on the device deleted.

MDM is not a location tracker

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One feature of all MDM software packages is location tracking. You may be familiar with the "Find My iPhone" app on Apple devices, or other applications that use GPS technology in your phone to report its location.

No one likes the thought of Big Brother taking a look at where they are, no matter how innocuous the location might be. When you install VUMC's MDM software on your personal phone, it will never track your location. 

Even if you lose your personal phone and ask to have the location tracked, VUMC will not be able to provide this service. Airwatch is only intended to protect VUMC's data residing on your personal device, not to track its location.

MDM is not a data collector

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The MDM software does not track any information about how you use your device.

The only information about your phone that the MDM software will gather is whether the MDM software is installed, whether the device is encrypted, and whether the phone has been "jailbroken" or has harmful malware - which could compromise VUMC's data - installed.

MDM is available for download for all employees at Read our informational article next week, “Making Mobile Device Management Easy.” The article will highlight how to download the MDM software, upcoming MDM enrollment events to assist with installation, and other helpful tips.

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