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Cerebrovascular Reactivity


Gas Masks

These masks are available in our facility for gas challenges. Assembly is required and mask parts are listed below:

  • Gas Sampling Elbow, Medline REF: 1624

sampling elbow

  • Pressure Line Adapter, Medline REF: 1642

pressure line adapter

  • 48" Corrugated Tubing, Medline REF: 1516


  • One Way Valve, Medline REF: 1664

one way valve

  • One Way Valve, Medline REF: 1665

one way valve

  • Adult Near Parallel Wye, Medline REF: 1674


  • Quadralight Masks (size 3 and size 4); Intersurgical REF 7194000

quadralight mask

  • 15920 Hudson RCI - Teleflex Mask Harness


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