LUV, Hispanic Employee Resource Group

Mission Statement:

Our LUV ERG mission aligns with one of our four VUMC Strategic Directions; “Making Diversity and Inclusion Intentional” through the cultivation of teams that are reflective of our population and maximizing their potential within the organization. It is our mission to provide support that inspires, empowers, and equips our Hispanic and Latino workforce to achieve excellence.

Membership Expectations:

  • Be an advocate for inclusion, and “Making Diversity & Inclusion Intentional” in the workplace.
  • Regularly engage in committee meetings and activities.
  • Actively communicate your perspective, thoughts, and ideas in sponsored forums, and within your teams.

LUV Goals

Goal 1: To Increase engagement, relationships, and visibility of VUMC Hispanic/Latino employees.

Goal 2:To Enhance understanding and knowledge of Hispanic/Latino culture.

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Claudia Barajas
Manager of Community Engagement, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center

Jillian Williams
Senior Project Manager, Learning and Development

Upcoming Events: 

Latinos: A Closer Look: September 16, 12-1pm

Monthly Meeting: September 24, 12-1pm [MS Teams Link]


Recent Events:

New Perspective on Clinical Trials: August 21, 11am

La Investigacion Cientifica, Porque Participar? - Event in Spanish: August 26, 7:30pm

Monthly Meeting: August 27, 12pm

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