Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission and Purpose

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion serves to cultivate a workforce that is diverse and inclusive, that reflects the populations we serve. Our goal is to train, educate, advocate, and consult on DEI related issues for staff members of Vanderbilt Health.


The populations we serve are increasingly diverse with growing health disparities, and the people working at Vanderbilt represent growing diversity. Diversity and inclusion are fundamental to our success in reducing health disparities in the populations we serve. Moreover, a workforce that is not only diverse but also inclusive in nature, is more effective at crafting innovative solutions to the major challenges of health care and in executing on those solutions as a team.

Our Goals and Values:


  • Our collaborative culture will be inclusive and will reflect the diversity of the populations we serve.
  • We will focus on health disparities in all programs.
  • We will encourage and leverage the diversity of our teams.
  • We will represent our diversity in recognition and awards.
  • We will cultivate a welcoming and inclusive environment where diverse cultures see themselves within the fabric of the organization.
  • We will consciously integrate elements of diversity, equity, and inclusion into our culture.
  • Processes that ensure diverse voices and perspectives will be included in decision making and communication at all levels.
  • Resources and coaching will be provided to help academic and clinical units promote and improve diversity and inclusion in all of their activities.