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Happening Now and Next

A look at what's new in the world of diabetes research and technology

"Open source (a.k.a. DIY) automated insulin delivery: addressing the challenge"

Do-it-yourself automated insulin delivery systems for people living with type 1 diabetes use commercially available continuous glucose sensors and insulin pumps linked by unregulated open source software. Uptake of these systems is increasing, with growing evidence suggesting that positive glucose outcomes may be feasible. Increasing interest from people living with, or affected by, type 1 diabetes presents challenges to healthcare professionals, device manufacturers and regulators as the legal, governance and risk frameworks for such devices are not defined. We discuss the data, education, policy, technology and medicolegal obstacles to wider implementation of DIY systems and outline the next steps required for a co-ordinated approach to reducing variation in access to a technology that has potential to enable glucose self-management closer to target.

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