Please see the schedule below for information on the 2018 summer program lectures:

Date Time Room Speaker Title View Video*
6/6/18 12-1 PM LH 512 Al Powers Introduction to Diabetes View Lecture 
6/7/18 9-10 AM LH 512 Bill Russell The Discovery of Insulin View Lecture 
6/13/18 12-1 PM LH 512 Amanda Peltier Diabetic Neuropathy View Lecture 
6/14/18 9-10 AM LH 512 Owen McGuiness A Physiological Understanding of Insulin Resistance View Lecture 
6/20/18 12-1 PM 7455 MRBIV Dan Moore

Immunology of T1D

View Lecture 
6/21/18 9-10 AM LH 512 David Schlundt

Environment, Behavior, and Health

View Lecture 
6/28/18 9-10 AM LH 512 Marie Griffin Built Environment and Diabetes View Lecture 
7/5/18 12-1 PM LH 512 Christianna Roumie Metformin Use in Chronic Kidney Disease View Lecture 
7/6/18 9-10 AM 7455
Shari Barkin Pediatric Obesity: Connecting The Dots View Lecture 
7/9/18 12-1 PM LH 512 David Wasserman Exercise and Diabetes View Lecture 
7/12/18 9-10 AM LH 512 Jami Miller Diabetes and the Skin View Lecture 
7/18/18 12-1 PM 7455
Russell Rothman Addressing Health Literacy & Health Communication in Diabetes & Obesity View Lecture 
7/19/18 9-10 AM LH 512 John Penn Diabetic Retinopathy View Lecture 
7/23/18 12-1 PM LH 512 Maureen Gannon Developing Cell-based Therapies for the Treatment of Diabetes View Lecture 
7/25/18 12-1 PM


John Stafford Obesity and Diabetes-Associated Cardiovascular Disease View Lecture 
7/30/18 12-1 PM LH 512 Kevin Niswender Drug Discoveries in Diabetes View Lecture 


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