Faculty Name Research Interest Department
Abumrad, Naji Role of the omentum in the treatment 
of morbid obesity.
Brown, Nancy Inflammation & fibrinolysis in human endothelium. Medicine (Pharm)
Cherrington, Alan Regulation of liver glucose metabolism. Medicine (MP&B)
Cone, Roger Regulation of energy homeostasis by the central nervous system; 
biology of melanocortin peptides & receptors.
Medicine (MP&B)
Elasy, Tom Longitudinal diabetes care. Medicine
Gannon, Maureen The role of genes & signaling pathways involved in the development & function of specific cell types within the pancreas. Medicine (MP&B/CDB)
Harrison, Fiona Contribution of nutritional deficiencies 
to cognitive ability.
Medicine (Neuroscience)
Ikizler, T. Alp Impact of diabetes in kidney disease progression. Medicine
Linton, McRae The macrophage in atherosclerosis; gene therapy. Medicine (Pharm)
Luther, Matt Contribution of aldosterone & mineralocorticoid receptor to insulin resistance & metabolic syndrome & inflammation. Medicine (Pharm)
Magnuson, Mark Learning how to convert embryonic stem (ES) cells into pancreatic beta cells for use in treating diabetes. Medicine (MP&B/CDB)
May, James Antioxidant vitamins & diabetes. Medicine (MP&B)
Moore, Daniel Autoimmunity & immune tolerance in Type-1 diabetes. Peds (PMI)
Niswender, Kevin Brain insulin & leptin resistance in obesity. Medicine (MP&B)
Powers, Al Pancreatic islet biology, vascularization, development, regeneration, & imaging; diabetes. Medicine (MP&B)
Rothman, Russell Health services research on adults & 
adolescents with Type-2 diabetes.
Medicine (Pediatrics)
Russell, Bill Type-1 diabetes prevention, liver regeneration,
signal transduction.
Pediatrics (CDB)
Stafford, John Mechanisms of increased cardiovascular risk with obesity; sex-differences in liver glucose & triglyceride production. Medicine (MP&B)
Stein, Roland Focused on defining the transcription factors involved in controlling the expression of Pdx-1 and MafA. Medicine (MP&B/CDB)
Thomas, James Mechanisms of immune tolerance in Type-1 diabetes. Medicine (PMI)
Wang, Thomas Novel biomarkers for diabetes & metabolic risk. Medicine
Wasserman, David Exercise & fuel metabolism. Medicine (MP&B)
Wright, Chris Genes involved in beta cell function. Medicine (CDB)