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VDDRC Seminar Series and Retreats

2019-2020 Digestive Disease Research Center (DDRC) Retreat

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Student Life Center Ballroom AB

Upcoming Seminar Series Speakers

 July 14, 2020  Christopher Williams, M.D.   Ph.D.  Vanderbilt University Medical   Center
 August 11, 2020  Keith Wilson, M.D. Ph.D.   Vanderbilt University Medical   Center 
 September 8. 2020  Karen Edelblum, Ph.D.  Rutgers
 October 13, 2020  Theresa Pizarro, Ph.D.  Case Western
 November 10, 2020   K. Sandeep Prabhu, Ph.D.    Pennsylvania State
 December 8, 2020  To be determined
 January 12, 2021  Karen Smith-Edwards, Ph.D.  University of Pittsburgh

Seminars are held from 12-1 pm. Location/Virtual meetings vary so if you would like to be added to the distribution list to receive flyers announcing the seminar series speakers, please email

Retreat Agendas for years 2007-2008 through 2018-2019