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KMCI - KnowledgeMap Concept Indexer

August 7, 2015

The KnowledgeMap Concept Indexer (KMCI) is the underlying natural language processing engine used in the KnowledgeMap and Learning Portfolio website, and has been used for many clinical and genomic research studies.  It identifies biomedical concepts, mapped to Unified Medical Language System concepts, from natural language documents and clinical notes.

KnowledgeMap Learning Portfolio

March 20, 2010

KnowledgeMap Learning Portfolio collects trainee-created documents reflecting their direct patient experiences via the Electronic Medical Records (EMR), providing a rich log of a trainee's clinical exposure without requiring additional manual effort. The interface between the EMR system and Portfolio provides historical data from which trainees can continue to build their knowledge base, tagged to core learning objectives, and supplies the mentor the opportunity to review and evaluate trainee performance.