Amanda Hurite, MBA

Operations Improvement Engineer
Firefly, Center for Child Health Policy

Amanda Hurite is an experienced Operations Improvement engineer assisting the Department of Child Health Policy, tasked to work directly with the MOM grant/Firefly team. She brings six years of engineering experience to the team, along with Lean training and a Six Sigma Green Belt.

Amanda is driven by a passion for taking complex, tangled problems and unweaving them until they are direct and clear to all involved. She plans to use this passion to assist the MOM team in ensuring all processes surrounding patient care and follow-up are as seamless and connected as possible to not only make the work more efficient for the team, but also the experience more pleasant for the patient.

In her free time, Amanda enjoys reading and has always had a particular interest in issues that impact women—an enthusiasm that is an invaluable asset to the MOM team. She constantly seeks to learn more about social issues and the impact that these have on the healthcare system.

Amanda has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Auburn University and a Master’s in Business Administration from Belmont University. She is currently a member of the Nashville Young Leader’s Council where she will continue to develop skills that will not only make a difference in her role within MOM, but also in the community.