In celebration of Women's History Month

Gallery of Vanderbilt Biostatistics women

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TOP ROW: senior associate Yuwei Zhu, PhD student Siwei Zhang, associate quality assurance analyst Vinni Yenukonda, associate professor Fei Ye, PhD student Elisa Yazdani, MS student Lydia Yao, postdoc Jing Yang, PhD student Yan Yan, PhD student Bailu (Lucy) Yan, principal biostatistician Meng Xu

ROW 2: PhD student Jiangmei Xiong, research professor Pingsheng Wu, application developer Hui Wu, PhD student Julia Whitman, PhD student Valerie Welty, adjunct professor Liping Wei, PhD student Hannah Weeks, lead biostatistician Li Wang, research assistant professor Jing Wang, chief business officer Janey Wang

ROW 3: biostatistician Guanchao Wang, PhD student Shengxin Tu, PhD student Yuqi Tian, PhD student Julia Thome, MS student Megan Taylor, health services research analyst Afan Swan, PhD student Tianyi Sun, biostatistician Lili Sun, associate program manager Cierra Streeter

ROW 4: biostatistician Tess Stopczynski, biostatistician Ine Sohn, PhD student Elizabeth Sigworth, adjunct instructor Ayumi Shintani, lead biostatistician Yaping Shi, PhD student Lan Shi, research assistant professor Laurie Samuels, biostatistician Paridhi Ranadive, associate professor Rameela Ran, statistical genetic analyst III Marisol Ramirez-Solano, senior biostatistician Heather Prigmore

ROW 5: associate Sharon Phillips, principal biostatistician Amy Perkins, application developer Savannah Obregon, associate Huin Nian, PhD student Jacquelyn Neal, PhD student Megan Hollister Murray, educational programs manager Chazlie Miller, senior biostatistician Elizabeth McNeer, PhD student Cara Lwin, associate professor Qi Liu

ROW 6: associate professor Dandan Liu, adjoint assistant professor Pei Ying (Emily) Lin, biostatistician Yaping Li, postdoc Jia Li, MS student Yeji Ko, senior biostatistician Ahra Kim, PhD student Jamie Joseph, assistant to the chair Jenny Jones, biostatistician Xiangyu Ji, lead biostatistician Cathy Jenkins

ROW 7: biostatistician Rebecca Irlmeier, research assistant professor Li-Ching Huang, senior financial analyst Sandra Hewston, biostatistician Cassie Hennessy, principal biostatistician Kim Hart, biostatistician Alese Halvorson, assistant professor Amber Hackstadt, budget/accounting analyst Nicole Gunnison, senior associate Tebeb Gebretsadik, VICTR associate director Cheryl L. Gatto, biostatistician Yue Gao

ROW 8: research professor Irene Feurer, biostatistician Xiaoke (Sarah) Feng, principal biostatistician Run Fan, research assistant professor Svetlana Eden, communications manager Peg Duthie, assistant Liping Du, PhD student Chiara Di Gravio, professor Mary Dietrich, grants manager Pattie Council, MS student Kirsten Cottingham, vice chair of diversity and inclusion Leena Choi

ROW 9: research assistant professor Sheau-Chiann Chen, director of post-graduate studies and distance learning Qingxia (Cindy) Chen, research assistant professor Heidi Chen, administrative manager Audrey Carvajal, PhD student Marisa Blackman, biostatistician Caroline Birdrow, principal biostatistician Aihua Bian, vice chair of informatics and collaborative programs Lynne Berry, adjunct instructor Mary Banach, associate program manager Jena Altstatt