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Physician Directory (by Department)

Asthma-Sinus-Allergy Program 

  •  David Hagaman M.D.

VASAP Brentwood Shoppes

782 Old Hickory Blvd, Suite 203, Brentwood, TN 

Bone & Joint Clinic
 • Kirby Deeter, D.P.M. (Podiatry)  
Mihir DesaiM.D . (Hands, Upper Extremity Surgery)
 • James Fiechtl, M.D. (Sports Medicine, General Orthopaedics)
 • Jed Kuhn, M.D. (Sports Medicine Surgery)
 • Vincent Novak, M.D. (Hand and Upper Extremity, General Orthopaedics)
 • Paul Rummo, D.O. (Sports Medicnic, General Orthopaedics)
 • Byron Stephens, M.D. (Orthopaedic Spine Surgery)
 • David Trenner, M.D. (Podiatry)
 • Doug Weikert, M.D. (Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery)
  206 Bedford Way, Franklin, TN

Burn Unit
  • Blair Summit, M.D.
-22nd Ave. South, Nashville, TN

  • David Hansen, M.D., F.A.C.C.
-22nd Ave. South, Nashville, TN

  • Julie Wang Rezk, D.M.D. 
 -1500 21st Ave. South, Ste. 3300, Nashville, TN

A triage system is in effect to enable timely appointments to be set with the next available physician at Vanderbilt Medicl Center.
-One Hundred Oaks, 719 Thompson Lane, Nashville, TN
-919 Murfreesboro Rd., Franklin, TN
   Patch Testing for Allergic Reagents only - does not treat
     • Jo-David Fine, M.D., MPH
       -1900 Patterson Street, Nashville, TN

  • Michael K. Porayko, M.D. (Director, Liver Transplant Center)
     -22nd Ave. South, Nashville, TN

General Surgery
   • Ralph J. LaNeve, M.D. (Hernia Repair)
     -2105 Edward Curd Lane
   • Richard Miller, M.D. (Abdominal Wall Hernia Repair)
   • Richard Allan Pierce, M.D. (Laproscopic Hernia Repair)
    -22nd Ave. South, Nashville, TN

  • Carl W. Zimmerman, M.D.
    -1161 21st Avenue South, Nashville, TN

  • Mark A. Cobb, M.D.
    -  1222 Trotwood Avenue, Columbia, TN  CALL 931-490-7193 to schedule appointments

Occupational & Environmental Medicine
  • Jonas Kalnas, M.D. (Medical & Scientific Expert Services, not primary care)
     -3319 West End Ave., Ste. 930, Nashville, TN

Vanderbilt Eye Institute - Williamson
  • James W. Felch, M.D. 
  • Mark A. Kroll, M.D., JD 
  • Daniel S. Weikert, M.D., FACS 
         -100 Covey Drive, Ste. 107, Franklin, TN
          -3098 Campbell Station Parkway, Spring Hill, TN
          -2311 Pierce Avenue, Nashville, TN
          -7640 Hwy 70 South, Ste. 100, Bellevue,TN
          -250 N. Military Avenue, Lawrenceburg, TN
         - 1250 S. Ellington Parkway, Lewisburg, TN
Vandernbilt Eye Institute - Lebanon 
Randolph R. Evans, M.D. 
William D. Schenk, M.D. 
           -1670 W. Main St., Lebanon, TN
           -518 W. Main St., Smithville, TN
           -300 Hospital Dr., Carthage, TN
           -1051 Scottsville Rd, Lafayette, TN

Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Samuel McKenna, M.D., D.D.S., F.A.C.S.
ORTHOPAEDICS & REHABILITATION                Orthopaedic New Patient Forms
Initial Assessment/Treatment
 • R. Warne Fitch, M.D. (Sports Medicine, Knee & Shoulder, Non-surgical)
  • Paul J. Rummo, D.O. (General Orthopaedics, Non-surgical)*
  • N.K. Singh, M.D. (Occupational Medicine, Non-surgical Orthopaedic)


  •  Charlie Cox, M.D. (Sports Medicine) *
  •  Hudson Deeter, D.P.M. (Podiatry)
  •  Bethany Gallagher, M.D. (Foot and Ankle)
  •  A. Alex Janhangir, M.D. (Orthopaedic Trauma)
  •  John E. (Jed) Kuhn, M.D. (Sports Medicine, Shoulders)  
  •  Donald Han Lee, M.D. (Hand, Elbow, and Shoulder)
  •  William T. Obremskey, M.D. (Orthopaedic Trauma)
  •  Bethany Gallagher, M.D. - (Joint Replacement)
  •  David Trenner, D.P.M. (Podiatry)
  •  Douglas Weikert, M.D. (Hand and Elbow)
  • Mihir Desai, M.D. (Hand and Elbow)
  • Narendra Singh, M.D. (General Orthopaedics)
  • Jaron Sullivan, M.D. (Sports Medicine)
  • Vincent Novak, M.D. (Hand, General Orthopadics)*
  •    -1215 21st Avenue South, Nashville, TN
  •   *5002 Crossings Circle, 230, Mt. Juliet, TN*  

Patient will be given a timely appointment with a Nurse Practitioner who will review records and/or order preliminary tests.  Ken Watford, the Nurse Practitioner will then consult with the physician for direction on appropriate treatment and follow up.
  • David S. Haynes, M.D.
  • Robert F. Labadie, M.D., Ph.D.
- 22nd Ave. South, Nashville, TN

   • Gary P. Jacobson, Ph.D. (Bill Willkerson Center)

Pain Management (Interventional)
  • John Corey, M.D. (Anesthesiology) 
  • Kurt F. Dittrich, M.D. (Anesthesiology) 
   • Daniel Lonergan, M.D. (Anesthesiology) 
Plastic Surgery
  • Kevin F. Hagan, M.S.
  • Kevin J. Kelly, M.D., D.D.S.
  • Wesley P. Thayer, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Blair Summit, M.D.
22nd Ave. South, Nashville, TN

Pulmonary Medicine
  • Carla Sevin, M.D.
-22nd Avenue South, Nashville, TN

  • Douglas Milam, M.D.
-22nd Ave. South, Nashville, TN

Vascular Surgery
   • C. Louis Garrard, III, M.D.
Thomas Naslund, M.D.
 -22nd Ave. South, Nashville, TN