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When is it appropriate to call the Vanderbilt Workers' Compensation Division?

  • To set a timely appointment for First Treat or Second Opinions
  • To obtain Medical Records on a Workers' Comp Injury
  • To obtain impairment rating results
  • To express customer concerns

Why shouldn't I call the physician or clinic directly?

  • Special arrangements have been made with clinics (especially Orthopaedics) to expedite timely appointments through the Workers' Comp Division.  If you call directly for these initial appointments, that same timeliness cannot be assured.
  • Central Registration and the individual clinics now direct all workers' comp initial first treat and second opinion appointment referrals to our Workers' Comp Division.  You will end up talking to us anyway.
  • Our trained personnel make sure your injured worker is registered properly for workers' comp within the Vanderbilt system,  therefore more accurate and timely billing is assured.

Who do I call to reschedule an appointment or to set a follow up appointment?

Call the Doctor's office directly.

Is there a direct phone line to the Vanderbilt Workers' Comp Division?

Our 888-869-6757 number is toll-free nationwide.  Locally, we can be reached at 615-936-6074.  Our fax number is 615- 936-6077.

Referrals can also be taken through this website.  Just click on the 'Forms' button.  The  secure, completed forms will be received directly into the Workers' Comp Division who will respond to your request in as timely a manner as possible, either by phone, fax, or e-mail.

Can you help with non-workers' comp questions and referrals?

Our personnel are dedicated to meet the needs of our workers' comp customers.  For other questions, please call the main hospital operator, 322-5000.

Who do I talk to to get work status on a patient?

Vanderbilt Workers' Comp Division personnel can directly pull medical records and work status reports from the system and fax them to you.

Will I have to leave a voice mail when I call?

Between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, the phones will be answered by one of the Workers' Comp Division Team members.  You can leave a voice mail after 4:30, which will be retrieved and responded to the next working day.

Should I call the Vanderbilt Workers' Comp Division to schedule an Independent Medical Exam (IME)?

Our trained personnel can take necessary intake information for those physicians who do IME's (mostly Orthopaedics) and forward it to the appropriate physician.

If a physician does not do IME's, we will refer you to Dr. Jonas Kalnas (936-0422) at Vanderbilt's Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine to provide the IME.

As a Case Manager, how do I know that my injured worker's appointment will not be changed without my knowledge?

Clinic personnel are instructed not to change appointments without the case manager's approval.

How do employers access information on their inpatient employees?

Contact us at Corporate Health Services or your Case Manager

Can a Case Manager directly pick up radiology films for use during an outside appointment from the Vanderbilt Department of Radiology without a signed patient consent form?

Yes, the Case Manager can sign as the 'Legal Representative' on the 'Authorization for Release of Medical Information Form for Workers' Compensation Injuries'.   See the 'Process for Accessing Radiology Films for Workers' Compensation Cases' Navigation Link for complete information.