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The Vanderbilt Workers' Compensation Division was created to serve as the single point of access into Vanderbilt Medical Center for insurers, case managers, and employers to facilitate their workers' comp needs effectively and efficiently.

Easy Access

Vanderbilt Medical Center employs almost 1,700 physicians at the present time. Approximately 100 of those physicians representing 35+ specialties have agreed to be educated on the particular needs of the workers' compensation community and have become workers' comp savvy through experience. The total focus of our Workers' Compensation Division is to help you access these physicians for the treatment of your injured worker.

A single, dedicated phone number has been established for our workers' comp clients to talk to one of our four devoted team members. You may call us at 615-936-6074 or toll free 888-869-6757. Phone lines are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. This line can be called to:

  • Pre-register and obtain the initial appointment for an injured worker, whether for a 'First Treat' or a 'Second Opinion' (See the Workers' Compensation Referral Intake Form)

  • Request injury specific Medical Records, Impairment Ratings results, and the 'Physician's Report' The 'Physician's Report' lists the patient's work status and any restrictions assigned by the doctor. It is filled out by the physician at the clinic visit and should be available through the Workers' Comp Division on the day following the appointment. (See the Workers' Compensation Medical Records Request Form)

  • Facilitate easy access to inpatients and related medical information for designees of claims payors (i.e. case managers)

  • Report any concern involving treatment of your injured worker, including communication failure with the doctor's office. (See the Customer Concern Form).

  • Request an interpreter (free of charge) to be present at an appointment. For more information on this service, please link into Interpreter Info

This website has also been created to offer an additional option to provide up-to-date information on our physicians and help us meet your needs in as efficient a manner as possible. By accessing our attached forms, you have the secure, electronic capability to submit the information we need to process your requests. You may also simply complete and copy a form and then fax it to us (615) 936-6077. Whichever method you chose - by phone, fax, or online - our team members will provide a response by the end of the working day. If we receive a request after 4 p.m,, we will respond at the beginning of the next business day.


In the majority of cases (particularly in Orthopaedics), the Vanderbilt Workers' Compensation Division is able to facilitate an appointment for a 'First Treat' patient within 24-72 hours. 'First Treat' patients are those who have not had prior treatment for the same injury or condition by another specialist of any kind.  Patients who have been treated only at the primary level are also considered 'First Treat' situations.

There are some departments who are unable to schedule appointments within 24-72 hours.  In those cases, we will make every effort to set an appointment in as timely a manner as possible.

'Second Opinion' patients are offered the doctor's first available appointment without overbooking into an already full clinic.  This may take up to six weeks for some doctors who see a lot of workers' compensation patients.


Our Workers' Compensation Division Team has among its members an Occupational Medicine Physician, Nurse Case Managers, and administrators who have many years of experience in working with insurers, employers and providers both within and outside Vanderbilt.  This expertise is used to provide training and consultation to all Vanderbilt faculty and staff in the proper delivery of workers' compensation business from an administrative standpoint.

The Vanderbilt physician's primary focus is and should always be appropriate medical treatment for the patient.  No medical school, residency program, or fellowship program includes a course in the proper administration of workers' compensation processes.  Therefore, the Workers' Compensation Team provides education and consulting services to new Vanderbilt doctors and to those physicians who have not had a great deal of experience in treating the workers' compensation patient. 

During this process, we strive to make the physician cognizant of the importance of sharing work status and other pertinent medical information in a timely manner.  We also remind them that most employers have return to work programs in place with positions for modified duty available.


The Workers' Comp Division Team also makes follow-up calls daily to employers of all injured workers seen in Vanderbilt's Emergency Department to determine compensability, capture correct payor and billing information, and to provide medical records documenting the patient's treatment.


By utilizing the access system facilitated through the Workers' Compensation Division, you are also assured greater accuracy in billing.  Since our trained professionals input all workers' compensation referrals at the beginning of the process, registration is done in a consistent manner.  When all information is input into the system accurately, it assures a smooth flow of information and more accurate billing.

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