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Defining Personalized Care: Elevating our Culture of Service


Everyone has been disappointed by a customer service experience. Even though everything else may have met or exceeded expectations, the things we tend to remember are often the negatives.        

Increasing choices for healthcare consumers means that offering the best service is more important than ever. Our hospitals and clinics are recognized among the nation’s best for superior care. However, feedback from patients tells us that we have room to improve when it comes to their overall experience.

Exceptional Jo on the Street

New Learning Opportunities

That’s the reason behind “Defining Personalized Care-Elevating Our Culture of Service.” Clearly defined learning opportunities will provide the coaching, knowledge and skills we need to deliver exceptional service with every interaction.

A new learning segment will roll out each quarter. The fourth segment, "Defining Personalized Care: Power Up Positivity" launched November 2019. 

“Power Up Positivity” addresses the topics of gratitude, positivity and recognition in less than 10 minutes. It includes two Ted Talk-style presentations from well-respected and long-serving VUMC colleagues. Their insights and tips are an inspiring message to transform our outlook to a positive mindset with a focus on being grateful.

This follows the segments, “Defining Personalized Care: Be Welcoming”, "Communicate Effectively" , "Listen to Understand", and the “Leader as Coach” workshops which prepared hundreds of leaders for the initiative. These workshops were modeled after the “Cup of Coffee Conversations” that were an important element of the highly successful “Clean Hands Save Lives” campaign.

In addition, leaders are participating and are prepared to lead conversations in work groups and team meetings.

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More information is available under the Leader Central tab on the HR website.

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