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VUMC has nearly completed the email transition of all persons employed by VUMC (faculty and staff) to a new VUMC email system. The transition was completed in two phases with the final phase transitioning in August 2018.

Faculty email information

There are some special considerations for VUMC-employed faculty, who will have access to both the VUMC and VU email systems.  Two distinct UserIDs and Passwords will be required.  One will permit access to a email account and to IT resources maintained by VUMC, the other to a email account and to IT resources maintained by VU. 

VUMC-employed faculty members will retain their existing email address as well as gain an address. These emails will both flow to Outlook and will be available in two email accounts. To achieve this, a second VUNet ID will be assigned to VUMC-employed faculty members and Outlook will need to be updated by the appropriate IT support group.

This process will require several technical changes which will occur in a series of three steps.  VUMC-employed faculty members will be organized into migration groups that will execute these steps in sequential order over the next several months.  The three steps of the transition are:

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Step 1 (Complete)

You will receive an invitation by email to claim a new (additional) VUnetID. This new ID will link to your email address and be used to access all Vanderbilt University related systems (e.g., Brightspace, Online Grading).
VUMC IT will assign you a new email address, which will link to your existing VUnetID and be used to access all Medical Center related systems (e.g., eStar, EPCS, Pegasus). Your existing email account folders and content will be transferred to the email account.
The result will be two mailboxes, one for each address.  However, both will be accessible through your Microsoft Outlook client application.

Step 2 (Complete)

Your workstation will be upgraded to the latest version of Microsoft Office.

The upgrade occurred on June 11, 2018.
If you have local IT support, that personnel will ensure a successful install of Office 2016.

Step 3

Your mailbox and its contents will be migrated to the new VUMC email environment.
Mailbox migrations are being scheduled by department. A complete schedule can be found here.