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Now that the university and Medical Center are separate entities, they each require their own email address. Vanderbilt University will retain the address and the Medical Center will migrate to The Medical Center will eventually exit the legacy, shared Exchange system to implement a new cloud-based solution and provide a firm, secure foundation for email communication and storage.  Step 1 (14)_1.jpg

All Medical Center departments have transitioned to the new email address. 

See MyVUMC article.

Applications possibly affected by the transition to


        More information can be found in the following Knowledge Article: 

  • In certain situations, such as after changing your primary email address, you will need to reset your Accellion Outlook plugin configuration.

        More information can be found in the following Knowledge Article:

What do I do if I see a pop-up saying Skype for Business is attempting to connect?

Some of our transitioned users have experienced a pop-up message regarding Skype after the changeover to their new email address. If you receive a popup requiring "Trust" or "Certificate" information, please take the following actions:

  • Check the "Always trust this server, do not show me this again" box
  • Click the "Connect" button

Information on Safari Books email validation

If you have any problems with Safari Books, there are a few simple steps you can take to troubleshoot:


If you are prompted for log-in credentials when logging in to Outlook, use the following format: Vanderbilt\VUNetID

If you encounter a pop-up menu when logging in to Outlook, please click "Yes" or "OK" and continue with your log-in. Our technical teams are working on a final resolution to this issue.

Other FAQ

Let people know you have moved.

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How do I change my name preference on my email address?

Changing your email address to a preferred name used to be an option through AccessVU. This option is no longer available.

How do I change my name if I have gotten married or had another life event?

If you have had a legal name change, please fill out this form available through HR.

It appears that my email address is still in Outlook. How do I fix this?

This is a display functionality in Outlook. It will change when VUMC IT completes mailbox contents migration later this year. If you prefer to change this display in the meantime, please contact the Help Desk at 615-343-HELP/3-4357 and ask them to re-create your Outlook profile.

Will I lose any of my information during the migration?

Per the email transition plan, there should be no data loss for any users.

Will these changes affect my saved emails?

No. The move to the email domain will not affect any emails saved on the domain.

Will I get a new email address?

Yes. As part of the migration, all users transitioning to the new email solution will be given an address. When that happens, users will send and receive emails at the new address.

Will I have to use different software to access my email?

No. Outlook will continue to work after the migration.

Will I have to update my Outlook client?

There should be no impact to the Outlook client. The VUMC IT Transition team is working to minimize any changes to end-user systems. You will, however, need to update any log-in information for non-Vanderbilt accounts that you have used your Vanderbilt email address to sign-in on.

When will I see the changes?

The VUMC IT Transition team has already begun the email domain migration process, which is projected to last well over a year. Most users will not notice any changes until the last phase of the email project.

How will I know when I get my new email address?

The VUMC IT Transition team will send emails to each customer with more information as each phase approaches.

Will any of my applications be affected?

The email migration technical team carefully assesses each department and each of their applications before their alias is migrated in order to find out and mitigate any potential issues before any changes are made.

Can I go ahead and migrate my email address now?

Departments are assessed ahead of time and approved by top leadership before they are migrated to the new email domain.

Will my email address be deactivated when I get my address?

No. The email address will not be deactivated when you get your new email address. Users are receiving an additional email address (, which will be set as their primary email address. This means you will send emails from, not

Is my address going to go away eventually?

Yes. The address will eventually go away. However, due to the nature of the email environment and its potential impact on users, the VUMC IT Transition team is taking its time to complete the full project.

The VUMC IT Transition team is working on a detailed timeline for full separation. We do not have a firm date set for removal of the address, but can assure ample notice will be given prior to its retirement.

Are emails addressed to the address being forwarded to the new email?

Emails addressed to you and are delivered to one central mailbox. You will continue to receive mail at both addresses until we retire from use for VUMC employees.

What happens to email currently stored within the environment?

The environment is not changing. You will have access to all your emails and folders at this time.

What will happen to my shared mailbox?

Shared mailboxes will be receiving the address in July 2018.

How do I configure Outlook on my phone for my new email address?

There are many types of mobile and smartphones. The best way to configure your phone for your email address is to go to your phone's settings and modify your configurations to your new email address. You can also delete and re-download the Outlook application on your phone, and enter your new email information.